Friday, June 7, 2013

How does the ReBuilder Work?

Dr. David Phillips is a medical inventor who founded ReBuilder Medical,, a company that produces his latest invention: The ReBuilder. ReBuilder Medical created this device for patients wishing to reduce invasive pain and numbness caused by neuropathy.

The ReBuilder is an electronic treatment device that requires no extra equipment and is fast and easy to use. Patients begin treatment by turning it on, placing the electrodes into a warm water footbath, and then putting their feet into the bath. The ReBuilder begins by measuring the patient's resistance, impedance, and passive voltage levels in the extremities. This information determines the patient's mass and the ReBuilder uses this info to set its internal safety parameters. Then the device sends a healthy signal from one foot to the other. Because at any given moment, one foot is electrically negative and the other foot is electrically positive, the signal goes from one foot, to that ankle, to the calf, the thigh, and to the lower spine where it crosses and goes down the opposite leg to the foot. This signal matches the most common waveform of healthy peripheral nerves.  When the initial signal reaches the opposite foot, it sends an echo-like response back to the electronic device. In a split second, The ReBuilder acquires enough data to recognize the patient’s waveform aberrations.

The ReBuilder can identify damage to peripheral nerves from analyzing the waveform shape in the same way a cardiologist examines waveforms produced from an EKG monitor to identify heart problems. The shape of the top of the waveform indicates the ability of the nerve to deliver a long lasting signal received by the brain, and abnormalities in the shape of the waveform on the way up indicate numbness. Abnormalities on the backside of the waveform indicate pain. ReBuilder Medical uses an internal microprocessor in its device as a safety measure that makes it easy to diagnose the nature of the problem.

The ReBuilder creates a compensating waveform after analyzing the returned waveform. Depending on its analysis of the automatic response, the ReBuilder Medical device will emit a waveform designed to either reduce or increase energy in that specific area. The process of sending out the signal, analyzing the returning signal, and creating a compensating signal to send back, takes approximately 7.83 seconds. Slowing down the treatment process to this time frame allows the nerve cells to re-polarize and prepare for the next signal. Since this medical device is able to detect precise waveforms, the body’s nerves are trained to transmit signals in the proper order. As a result, The ReBuilder acts similar to a pacemaker for the heart’s electrical signals.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

About Dr. David Phillips

Dr. David Phillips is a world-renowned medical device inventor and CEO of ReBuilder Medical in Charles Town, West Virginia. ReBuilder Medical is the manufacturer of The ReBuilder, an electronic device used primarily for patients experiencing debilitating pain and numbing sensations from excessive nerve damage or prescription drugs.

The inspiration for this invention came once Dr. David Phillips discovered that his father had contracted a disease causing nerve damage to the peripheral nervous system: peripheral neuropathy. Physicians recommended his father take depression medications because he had developed increasing numbness and excruciating pain in his legs. Over time his father’s condition gradually became worse, inhibiting his mobility and quality of life. The ReBuilder was the answer to his father’s prayers. Since then, Dr. David Phillips has worked with ReBuilder Medical in order to mass produce this proven drug-free solution for patients seeking temporary pain relief and reduced numbness.

This electronic treatment is also the first line of defense for patients experiencing the following conditions:
  • Diabetic peripheral neuropathy
  • Idiopathic neuropathy
  • Polyneuropathy
  • Chemotherapy induced neuropathy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Charcot Marie-Tooth
  • Piriformis entrapment syndrome

To begin using The ReBuilder, simply plug it in. Test signals will immediately begin transmitting a waveform similar to those that trigger healthy peripheral nerves. This signal travels from the bottom of one foot, up through the leg, into the nerve roots of the back, down the patient’s other leg, and ends on the other foot. The ReBuilder will then receive an instant echo-like response, which is analyzed for aberrations. Depending on its analysis of the automatic response, ReBuilder Medical’s device will emit a waveform designed to either reduce or increase energy in that area. The process is repeated several times per second, allowing the device to act like a pacemaker for the electrical signals of the individual’s heart.

ReBuilder Medical continues to produce this safe and alternative treatment to alleviate patients’ invasive pain and numbness. Individuals looking for a trustworthy, drug-free alternative for treating pain should consult their physicians about The ReBuilder today.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

About ReBuilder Medical

ReBuilder Medical produces The ReBuilder, an innovative pain and numbness treatment device created by world renowned medical device inventor Dr. David Phillips. This innovative medical device was designed as an electronic, painless, drug-free alternative to traditional pain and numbness medications. Some neuropathy drugs such as Neurontin®, Lyrica®, Cymbalta®, and Gabapentin® only mask an individual’s pain by stopping his or her nerve signals from reaching the brain. ReBuilder Medical recognizes that this approach can cause individuals to gradually develop numbness in the feet, which triggers dangerous falls. Fortunately The ReBuilder attacks pain and numbness differently by retraining nerve paths to carry messages from an individual’s feet to his or her brain.

Individuals who would like to use The ReBuilder to treat pain and numbness can choose from one of two models:
  • The ReBuilder 300: This simple to use device has a single output with a single knob that controls intensity. This ReBuilder Medical device is powered via a 9-volt battery.
  • The ReBuilder 2407: This device has two outputs so one can treat his or her feet and hands or back and feet simultaneously. The ReBuilder 2407 is powered by a 9-volt battery but also comes with a plug in wall transformer to increase power by 33%.

The ReBuilder can be used at home in three ways: with conductive socks, conductive gloves, or a footbath. Once the individual hooks up one of these three products to The ReBuilder 300 or The ReBuilder 2407, the device will send out a test signal representing the most common waveform for healthy peripheral nerves. An automated response is sent back to the device and analyzed for aberrations. The ReBuilder then corrects these aberrations by creating a compensating waveform, which works in the same way as a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Another way to understand this ReBuilder Medical device is to think of it as a pacemaker for the heart’s electrical signals.
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